Structural Characteristics:

  1. The paper feeder is controlled by PLC with a human-computer interface. The length of paper to be fed can be entered on the touch screen, so that paper can be input quickly and accurately. Also, it applies to card paper and corrugated paper.
    2.The film feeder is controlled by a servo control system of a famous international brand. The length of film to be cut can be entered on the touch screen. Not only can film be cut accurately, but also adjustment can be made more quickly and directly.

3.The gluing section adopted pneumatic principle,and can glue on particular part according to the window position, so no need to glue the whole roller,making it easier to clean the roller as well as saving the glue.
4.Film cutter is equipped with a axis of rotation, so to suit variable window position. It can saving the machine-adjustment time and improve productivity.
5.ZKT-700B is widely used in 90 degrees angle window samples, and can do the angle cutting and creasing.

6. The paper and film feeding sections are equipped with a chain guide imported from Germany and a linear guide imported from Taiwan, and other accessories, which helps improve film patching accuracy and reduce noise.
7.Compared to the previous machine, each section of this product has improved,thus saving the adjustment time, making it more efficient and friendly in use.

Main Technical Parameter

Model ZKT-700B ZKT-1080B
Speed 6000-10000pcs/h

(flat film patching)


(V-cut and creasing)


(flat film patching)


(V-cut and creasing)

Paper length 140-600mm 200-700mm
Paper width 140-690mm 200-1080mm
Film length 60-400mm 70-400mm
Film width 30-400mm 30-500mm
Thickness of film 0.03-0.25mm 0.03-0.25mm
Main power 2.2kW 2.2kW
Power of air pump 1.5kW 1.5kW
weight 2800kgs 3500kgs
Overall dimension 4200x1400x1500mm 5500x1900x1600mm


Servo System Yaskawa / Dorna
Relay: Omron
PLC: Panasonic
Frequency converter: Toshiba
Power switch : Schneider
Switch button: Schneider
Motor:Anhui Wannan

Manufacture Process



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