ML-750 1


Creasing and Cutting Machine is a special equipment for creasing and cutting ordinary cardboard, corrugated board, plastic and leather. In general applicable to printing, packaging decoration and plastic industries. Machine is characterized by compact structure, fine workmanship, big pressure, high precision and easy and reliable operation, etc.


●High strength due to one piece casting by using top-ranking material for machine body.

●Flywheel is with big moment of force and large pressure.

●Sliding bearings are made of high quality alloy cooper, thus to enhance the effect of anti-friction and vibration reducing.

●Single plate electromagnetic clutch is sensitive and reliable.

●With functions of single, continuous and opening dwell operation, dwell range is adjustable.

●Operating position is reasonably arranged, moving-bed can be opened to its optimum.

●Safety system is reliable.

★All models can be optional: Air brake clutch、Pneumatic jacking device, Infra-red light safety device, Speed-adjustment device, Centralized Automatic oil pump, Centralized manual oil pump.

Technical Parameter

Model ML-750
Inner Chase Size 750x520mm
Max. Rule Length <15m
Speed (strokes/min) 25±2
Motor Power 2.2kW
Weight 2000kgs
Overall Dimensions 1540x1650x1650mm

CE standard Machine

ML-750 CE standard

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