cold gluing system

Cold Gluing System

Characterized by high efficiency, flexibility, good stability and easy maintenance. It is a fast, high quality production of various cartons, 4&6 boxes, hamburger boxes, french fries boxes so on. It has greatly improved production efficiency and save the glue cost.

plasma system

Plasma System

Through surface coating treatment, to strengthen the adherence and make cartons easier to be glued.

the grinding part

The Grinding Part

More effective treatment of paper surface UV,the carton adhesive more stronger.

video surveillance

Video Surveillance (TV)

More convenient and efficient to monitoring the operation of each part on the machine.

hot melt glue system

Hot Melt Glue System

Special for the box type like LED tube light which to be quickly glued and dried (corrugated box), it has features of high stickiness, quick dry.

patting part

Patting Part

Equipped with Pat’s function, can effectively avoid the “scissors mouth” phenomenon of Corrugated products.

CD box device

CD Box Device

Necessary equipment for special boxes like: CD boxes, chips boxes, file bags and so on.

It has greatly improved production efficiency.

z folding part

Z Folding Part With CD Box Device

Professional for double folding stockings box.

auto closed machine

Auto Closed Machine

The machine reduces labor intensity, saves manpower, improves the working efficiency of the folder gluer machine, and can make the performance of the folder gluer machine fully play.

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