SHH-600BK, SHH-800BK

SHH-BK Automatic Folder Gluer Machine


SHH-BK Automatic Folder Gluer Machine

Model SHH-600BK SHH-800BK SHH-800BK
Carton Type Paperboard Paperboard E, F Corrugated Paper
A+B+C+D 100-580mm 150-780mm 180-680mm
C+D Min. 50mm 75mm 90mm
D Min. 8mm 8mm 8mm
F Min. 50mm 50mm 50mm
G 70-700mm 70-700mm 150-580mm

Manufacturer Technical Parameter

Model SHH-600BK SHH-800BK
Max. Liner Speed 280m/min 280m/min
Applicable Paper Materials 200-800g Paperboard and E, F Corrugated Paper
Way of Folding in Reverse Second and fourth fold 180 degrees
Glue Material Solute Type
Electric Power 3P, 380V, 50Hz
Main Power 3.5kW 3.5kW
Weight 1.4T 1.6T
Over Dimension (m) 7×1.3×1.4 7×1.5×1.4
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