Structural Characteristics:

1.The paper feeder adopts photoelectric control, so it is not needed to adjust paper length by hand, thus making paper feeding easy, quick and accurate. It applies to card paper and corrugated paper.
2. The film feeder has an imported servo control system. It is OK to input cutting length on the touch screen, which helps improve precision and facilitate adjustment.
3.The gluing section consists of chrome-plated sizing roller, glue separating guide, side limit and gluing stencil roller. It can be pulled out easily, which simplifies both setting and cleaning. The adjustable glue separating guide can control gluing range and glue volume. After shutdown, the cylinder raises the gluing roller and drives it with a separate motor to prevent glue from solidifying. The printing roller can be adjusted freely in the axial and radial directions without being stopped.
4. A device on the film cutter can rotate axially freely in order to fit different window positions, which helps save the adjustment time and improve efficiency significantly.
5.Compared to the previous machine, each section of this product has improved, thus saving the adjustment time, making it more efficient and friendly in use.
6. The paper and film feeding sections are equipped with a chain guide imported from Germany and a linear guide imported from Taiwan, and other accessories, which helps improve film patching accuracy and reduce noise.
7. The touch screen is equipped with a speed shifting unit. So it can double speed for small-sized products.

Main Technical Parameter

Model ZKT-700 ZKT-1080


(speed can be changed according to the paper size)

7000-21000pcs/h 6000-18000pcs/h
Paper length 160-680mm 200-680mm
Paper width 120-700mm 120-1080mm
Film length 60-330mm 70-330mm
Film width 30-400mm 30-500mm
Thickness of film 0.03-0.25mm 0.03-0.25mm
Main power 2.2kW 2.2kW
Power of air pump 1.5kW 1.5kW
weight 2300kgs 2600kgs
Overall dimension 4200x1400x1500mm 6200x1580x1700mm


Servo System Yaskawa / Dorna
Relay: Omron
PLC: Panasonic
Frequency converter: Toshiba
Power switch : Schneider
Switch button: Schneider
Motor:Anhui Wannan

Manufacture Process


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